Our House…

I think we have some additional tenants in our home.   There are definitely squirrels, but now I’m starting to think there are raccoons.
BH and I heard scratching when we first moved in – now it’s progressed to us hearing walking, running and even thumping  sounds coming from our ceiling.   Recently we’ve talked about calling an animal removal company to assist but had both agreed to hold off due to the holiday season.
The fantastic part is that the tenants tend to be the noisiest whenever the BH isn’t home.  Which usually leads to me calling him at work (and today was no exception):
Me:  The noises are happening again.  Now they sound like they’re rummaging for something.
Him:  Maybe they’re looking for their new year’s party hats.
Me:  Maybe
Him:  You know, we probably can’t have anything done about it for a while because they’ll need to inspect it and I’m not sure they’re in the office today.
Me:  I know… but I’m also scared and calling you to give updates makes me feel better.  I’ll probably call you later today if I get scared again.
Him:  That’s fine.  I might be in meetings, but go ahead.  I’ll try giving them a call later to book an appointment.
Bless his heart.  Call me needy, but hearing scratching and thumping noises above our ceiling has been a bit disconcerting for me.  They’ll be coming by tomorrow to do an outside inspection (hopefully they find something!).
On a brighter note, we have a new stove with a working oven! (please ignore the smeary surface – I just cleaned it with the ceramic cooktop cleaner supplied with the oven).  My father in law was very kind to take some time out of his weekend to help with the setup.
He also provided some TLC to our dryer.  Our clothing hasn’t been drying properly (ie. getting hot while somehow not getting the proper air circulation).  Here’s what he found:
A large clump of dust buildup that was clogging the left side of the dryer.   Kind of crazy when you think about it!
Time for me to sign off – I have a few new year’s resolutions I’d like to write down to help keep me on track and to make myself more accountable.  I’m a huge fan of new beginnings!
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