A Fun Cardio Workout

With the awful weather in Toronto I felt very tempted to skip this evening’s workout.  But then I thought of Marcia and her threat of an hour long intense cardio session if I didn’t get my act together by this Friday.  So I headed to the gym right after work.
The treadmills were all in use so I decided to try one of Marcia’s alternate cardio programs.
level 8 – 5 minutes
level 7 –  5 minutes
level 9 –  5 minutes
level 8 – 5 minutes.
LADDER: 10 minutes
The secret weapon was this machine:
This machine is awesome for beating boredom.  It’s not easy, but that’s part of its charm.  The secret according to Marcia is taking long slow breaths  (and in my case, pacing myself at a consistent but challenging speed).
If you’ve been bored with your standard treadmill workout try mixing this cardio workout in with your strength routine.   The varying speeds and use of two different machines will limit boredom (Thanks Marcia!).
Lately I’ve been getting in a more consistent routine of going to the gym after work.  I’ve been finding this to be a big improvement to my energy levels in the evening – instead of collapsing in exhaustion during the hour and 15 minute subway ride home,  I’ve been finding it a lot easier to stay awake.   Usually I’m a morning person and prefer to get my workouts done in the morning, but I’d been finding this to be especially difficult with the the nasty weather and the length of my commute.   Planning a 7:00 am workout downtown means I have to get up at 5:15 am and coordinate a massive packing job the night before – meals & snacks, work clothes, workout clothing, towel, toiletries and makeup.   I been having a difficult time with lugging all that stuff back and forth and have been seriously considering renting a locker for $10 a month to make things more convenient.
What do you guys think?  Being able to store my shoes and toiletries permanently would be so much better for my back by cutting down on the weight of my gym bag.  Come to think of it, that in itself is probably worth it since I can’t very well buy myself a new back!
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