My personal trainer  has informed me that I don’t do enough cardio.   She’s even threatened to lead me through an hour long cardio session if I don’t get my act together soon.
You see, cardio is kind of like my own personal hell.  My lungs burn and I feel like a hamster on a wheel. If I’m doing it, it has to be mildly challenging (i.e. difficult enough that leisurely magazine reading or tv watching becomes somewhat impossible).  The problem is, I’m a bit of a chronic clock watcher which makes the time drag on much more slowly.

The man made wheel from the movie Eagle vs. Shark. Just realized that she's wearing flip flops!

On the upside, maybe some added accountability will be just the kick in the butt that I need.   I begged my trainer last night to give me the chance to redeem myself before our next meeting on Friday.
And to ensure that I’m properly on track, I need to document what I eat and the workouts I complete.  So far I’ve done it for 2 days and it’s not pretty.  On the bright side, my sugar intake is more in check (by “in check” I mean not eating candy and pastries everyday).
I think I need to pay myself more $ for each cardio session.  Maybe $1.50 instead of $1.00 for each time I complete a 1/2 hour?
How do you get through intense bouts of cardio?
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