Is It Really Time to Say Goodbye?


Today I said goodbye to my favourite pair of black pants.  After applying a safety pin with little success to the broken hook for the entire workday, I decided to call it quits.
Despite being super flattering and comfy, the pants have really started to show their age.  For one, one of the hooks that allows the fly to properly fasten together keeps popping off despite numerous sewing attempts.  This hook performs a very crucial function my friends.    Wardrobe malfunctions can result from hooks that aren’t properly sewn on – unfortunately having my fly burst open out of nowhere has not been an uncommon occurrence for me.   It’s especially troublesome when the fly cannot be done up again because the bottom part of the hook is no longer sewn to the pants.
Let’s not forget that the fabric is wearing itself thin and I can see noticeable fraying at the seams.  Fraying is a very big deal when it’s along the back seat of the pants.
Repairs are out of the question at this point.  I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to using a needle and thread (not surprisingly, my biggest challenge has been tying off my work).  I also think I’ve reached my “free repair” quota with my colleagues who are much more adept with a needle and thread than me.   (These ladies are pretty skilled – to the point that they can repair clothes with you still in them).
Thankfully I had an extra safety pin today, but I don’t really think my ego can take another wardrobe malfunction.

I love these Theory pants, but not the price tag


What a bummer.  Good fitting pants are hard to come by these days.
Where do you buy your pants?  I find Banana Republic has worked the best for my somewhat pear shaped figure.  (Sadly not cheap, but oh so flattering).
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