Money Motivation: My Change Jar

It’s time to face it:  I find myself eating when I’m bored (which is more often than I’d like to admit) or stressed.   And as much as I love food, I’ve found that it isn’t the best way for me to relieve my stress.
Sugar is also my biggest weakness.  Because I’ve been indulging in a lot of unplanned sugary snacks, my wallet has also been taking a hit (i.e. $40-50 unnecessary dollars a month on unhealthy treats and this is on top of weekly groceries)
To get myself back on track both financially and with the so called 80-20 food rule, let me introduce my Change Jar:
I’ve decided to pay myself  for each day I exhibit healthy eating habits.   The money saved in this jar can be used towards a non-food related treat like a massage or a nice pair of boots (hehe).
Any or all of the following actions qualify for a payout, which can only happen a maximum of once per day.  ie. I can only make $1.00 for a day of healthy eating rather than being paid for each healthy meal.
1.  $1.00 for eating healthy meals and snacks regularly (i.e. every 2-3 hours when I feel hungry)
2.  $0.50 Eating treats in moderation  (i.e. some chips and not the full bag or a cookie or two but not five)
$1.00 for days that I don’t eat any processed sugar  (I absolutely love sweets, but I eat far too much of them)
3.  An additional $1.00 for days that I do a 1/2 hour of cardio  (I much prefer strength training over cardio, but it’s good for me and a necessity if I want more defined tricep muscles)
I will not be deducting any money in instances where I slip up or choose to go out with friends (too restrictive for me).  I’ll also be including a tracker on the side bar to track what I’ve been accumulating  in my change jar.
There’s also room for changes if I find the program above isn’t working well or if I’m taking too many liberties.  I’m also not fussed about tracking calories.
I’m thinking that aligning my decent money sense in other aspects of my life with my nutritional habits  will make a difference.  Growing up in a very frugal household I truly appreciate that money doesn’t exactly grow on trees.   A system like this is great for me because it’s twofold:  I’m doing something that’s better for me while saving money in the process.
Wish me luck!
Have you ever tamed a food monster like sugar?  How did you do it?
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