Skinny Gwynnie

While browsing during lunch today I came across this article, which highlights Gwyneth Paltrow’s 20 pound weight gain for her upcoming movie Country Strong.
Then I saw the before/after picture:
The kicker?  That her trainer found it “frustrating” that she was gaining weight!  WTF?!
In the words of my colleague: “girlfriend looks better in the second picture”.
While the discussion of weight will be a rare occurrence in my blog I felt the need to highlight the absurdity of it all.  Gwyneth is one of those celebs that loves to extol the virtues of cleanses and rabbit food in combination with copious amounts of exercise.
Doesn’t she get tired of it?  I know we’re all tired of hearing about it.  Kind of like a relative of the BH’s who spends her time talking about her efforts to cut calories and lower her husband’s cholesterol levels.   This just isn’t the way I want to live.
On that note, I think I’ll have some chips.
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