Type A – Part I

The cartoon above brought a smile to my face.  As much as I hate to admit it, I’m definitely a type A.
Let’s review the  symptoms as per Meyer Friedman:
  1. Time urgency and impatience, which causes irritation and exasperation –  check
  2. Free floating hostility, which can be triggered by even minor incidents – it depends, in my case I’d refer to it as sensitivity rather than hostility
  3. Competitive: this made them oriented towards achievement which caused them to become stressed due to wanting to be the best at whatever it may be i.e. sports or in work. – sadly yes
However way you look at it, my type A tendencies are being applied in a way that’s hurting rather than helping me.
The big one I struggle with the most these days is the perceived status of my job.   Since graduating from school a few years ago I’ve struggled to find the right career path.   Approximately 2 years ago I went back to school to change careers and while I’ve since gotten my foot in the door, I’m constantly thinking about what’s next.
It would be simple to say that the problem is the job but I think that the issue lies somewhere in the fact that I haven’t felt fulfilled in other aspects of my life for quite some time.  After hearing me gripe about being underutilized for the 100th time the BH finally gave it to me straight and told me that I needed to get some actual hobbies.
Chores (like cooking meals)  didn’t count.  He was looking for tasks that could act as a form of escape, an activity that I could get fully absorbed in.   So I signed up for  guitar lessons again.  Behold:
I bought this guy 4 years ago and had taken a few lessons.  However, a job in the big city took a big chunk of time away and the guitar became forgotten.
In the end I just need to be more patient – these things take time and I really need to gain experience.   For now, my goal is just to replace my whining with something more constructive.
On to practice the chords for E minor and G!
Have you ever found yourself competing in the rat race?  Have you ever felt insecure about your job?
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