Tastes Just Like My Mom’s Soy Sauce Chicken (Minus All the Effort)

A less than stellar picture for a pretty stellar (and easy!) dish.
Background:  I grew up on my Mom’s soy sauce chicken that she prepared by cooking chicken drumsticks (or wings) in a pot filled with soy sauce and variety of spices.  To this day I don’t know how she prepares it (and can’t really find out since the proportions she uses are based purely on gut and experience).  However, I found something pretty close!
One of the ladies at work recommended marinating chicken in equal parts of Kikkoman’s teriyaki sauce and Kraft zesty Italian overnight before popping the chicken in the oven.  I gave it a shot expecting something completely different and was pleasantly surprised to see that it tasted exactly like my mom’s chicken.  Who would have thought?   Definitely not E-diet friendly (having soy and all), but soy sauce chicken (or something similar) is a staple in my family.
Other than that, my day was filled with lots of tasty eats:
Kamut puffs with blueberries.  My coworker also noticed that I eat my cereal without milk.  Always have and always will – milk makes it soggy and gross 🙂
This is where it starts to get fun:
Amy’s no cheese pizza – I added chicken breast and Daiya Italian blend cheese.
Then it was off to my 1 month meeting with my mentor Karen to talk about the world of work.  We met at our favourite place, La Petite Thuet.  It’s usually nice and quiet there, plus they have a nice assortment of baked goods:
These meringues are huge – think the size of my head (granted, you probably don’t know how big my head is, but imagine the size of an average adult head  :)).
Before I left, I had one of the breakfast tea cakes.  These were filled with berries:
It appears that I will have to break my vow to not work out on Fridays.  Tomorrow demands a good session of cardio to address the indulgences I’ve been having lately.  Not to worry, I’m trying to have my fun before going back to the Ediet and eliminating the major allergens in my diet.
Good night!
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