Whirlwind Week

Sorry for my absence, the last few days have been crazy.  I’ll summarize in a few pictures:
As of Friday night I learned that I would be getting a new roommate.  So my aunt and I spent all of Saturday cleaning out one of the bedrooms.  There was some pretty retro stuff in the room from when my aunts were teenagers.  For example, all along a signed photo of David Copperfield had been hanging on the wall.  (We took it down when my sister moved her stuff in though)
We were both pretty tired after packing and moving boxes and furniture all day so my aunt treated me to dinner at a great restaurant called Momo’s:
I had a grilled veggie platter with 1 shishtawook  chicken skewer, tabbouleh, lentil rice, hummus and a pita.  The food was delicious and I loved the cozy decor:
I was so exhausted that I literally crawled into my sheetless bed (unfortunately they were all in the dryer) and fell asleep.
On both Saturday and Sunday I also snacked on copious amounts of sour cream coffee cake that I had baked:
Most of Sunday was spent doing much the same – my new roommate (aka my younger sister) moved her stuff in that morning so we helped her to set up her bed.  I also took the opportunity to catch up on a number of errands (sadly the BH was studying for exams and wasn’t able to hang out on the weekend).  It was weird to have so much more time – very rarely I’m bored, but the cooking and cleaning just seemed routine.  In the future, I should just go outside and take a walk (being cooped up inside all day was probably not wise on my part).
On Monday night I saw my friend Tavishe from high school.  It was great to see her!   We met up at Java House:
The food there is cheap and tasty!  Tavishe had the curry with tofu and rice, while I opted for the all day breakfast with bacon and fruit salad.
I told her about my recent allergy woes and journey with the elimination diet.  She was very surprised to hear that my naturopath hadn’t eliminated gluten; apparently gluten allergies are quite prevalant and are quite common among Asians as well (who knew?!).  Tavishe has been gluten free herself for a few years and was telling me that a lot of the health problems she was experiencing cleared up as soon as she eliminated gluten from her diet.  She was able to give me a pretty good rundown on typical food items that contain gluten (i.e. french fries, most breads, desserts and even chicken stock).
While I’m willing to give it a shot, I almost feel like I’m taking 2 steps backwards.  I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t overwhelmed and unhappy that I need to eliminate yet another food group.  Please bear with me for the next while as I try to find some viable and now gluten free elimination diet options.  A lot of my time now is being spent educating myself about gluten free diets and I’m really trying to keep a positive attitude.
In the meantime, I’ll finish off the items in my fridge that I made for the week before I officially attempt going gluten free next week.  I’m not a fan of wasting food (especially if I don’t know if it’s been the cause of my allergies).
Let me know though if you know of any great gluten free resources for newbies – I need all the help I can get at this point!
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