Why I Want to Be a Taste Tester

Because it allows me to justify eating a few cupcakes.   And yes, I know a true taste tester really needs to take just one bite in their evaluation – what can I say I’m just an amateur 🙂
There’s nothing like having a craving and then being able to satisfy it with the exact food item that you want.  In my case it was these:
Vegan carrot cake cupcakes.
This recipe was courtesy of the Queen of the Babycakes empire which I got from here.   And my god, it was SO worth it (don’t let the picture fool you).  I even tried 3 of them just to be sure :).   Fresh out of the oven, these bad boys melted in my mouth AND they were free of the usual allergy badness that can accompany carrot cake!  I will definitely make them again – perhaps with tofutti cream cheese icing?
While tofutti’s cream cheese substitute contains soy protein and soy lecithin, I learned yesterday that soy lecithin is apparently a minor source of soy protein.  As a result, many people with soy allergies are able to tolerate small to moderate amounts.   Of course, the above does not apply if your are anaphalactic in any way to soy.  Not too sure how my body feels about soy lecithin, but in my case there’s no other way to find out other than experimentation (and I might as well try with something on the tasty side).
Because carrot cake is one of my favourite desserts, the above was easily the highlight of my day.    Here is the majority of the other (less exciting eats):
Breakfast was more Kashi raisin bread and sunbutter (I warn you that this will be on repeat for the next couple of days until the loaf is finished)
1 whole toasted pita, several baby carrots eaten with hummus for snack
Raw spinach, homemade bruschetta, cucumbers, roasted turkey and sunsprout salad.
Despite a large mug of tea and a sizable Fuji apple, my sweet tooth still refused to let up, so I finally indulged it.
The kamut molasses cookie from Naturally Yours.  I keep saying this, but I really need to learn how to make these.  They’re huge and are like soft gingerbread.
Dinner was asparagus and asian mushrooms sauteed with a bit of oil and garlic served with a small can of lemon pepper tuna and a side of couscous (still lurking from my tagine days last week).
In case you’re wondering, I still intend to make the chili, but haven’t done so yet because I need to plow through the items that have been sitting in my fridge for the past week.   Chili is definitely on my menu plan for this week and I’m very much looking forward to having it with some Daiya cheese sprinkled on top ;).
Time to sleep now.  I really need to get to the gym tomorrow morning because I wasn’t able to make it there today.  I had everything packed and ready to go for this morning, but was derailed by my inability to sleep last night which caused me to stay up much later than usual.  Not to worry, I passed the time by watching some more Chuck 🙂
Good night!


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