Focussing on Other Things

This afternoon when the BH picked me up from the subway station I really had to pee.  Unfortunately I had already exited the station and therefore wasn’t willing to pay the subway entrance fare again just to use the bathroom, so I decided to wait until we reached our lunch destination.   Being the caring person he is, the BH kept asking me if I preferred to go to the nearby Tim Hortons and wait 1 minute or wait another 15 minutes until we got to the restaurant.  But I stubbornly chose to wait 15 minutes and spent a chunk of time insisting to him that I’d be fine, while he kept telling me that he didn’t want my “suppression” to be painful.  haha.   These types of things make it even harder to hold it, if you know what I mean so I asked him to talk about $3000 cameras instead to distract me.  We did eventually make it to the restaurant where he dropped me off at the front door before going to park the car so that I wouldn’t have to wait a second longer.  What a gem!  🙂
We managed to order and receive our dishes before a massive lunchtime horde.  I ordered the grilled chicken vermicelli with no peanuts:
The BH got the basically the same thing but with satay chicken – he also added in some sambal olek chili sauce for extra kick:
It was so good!  I finished about 2/3 of mine but took the leftovers home for lunch tomorrow.
Afterwards we ran a few errands – dropped by his work to pick up some stuff and then off to the mall where we went to Banana Republic to return and rebuy the skirt (I was able to use the coupon!) and then browsed some of the other stores (work clothes for me, music for him).
After the mall, we went to his house for a break, where I promptly refueled on some snacks:
Ham and these PC crackers (very tasty, with no soy or dairy):
And then some Dare Real Fruit Gummies – these are my absolute favourite and I couldn’t resist:
Then we went for some more driving practice for yours truly followed by our weekly grocery run.    The BH is a great teacher 🙂   To demonstrate the technique for making left turns on major intersections, the BH pulled out some of the cars intended for his train layouts:
He even drew me an intersection with lanes on a piece of paper!
And if things couldn’t any better, he also demonstrated the tow truck’s capabilities for me (yes the ramp part actually works) :
For dinner we had beef fajitas with green peppers, onions and lettuce using Old El Paso taco mix (haha we wanted a tasty seasoning!).
This was accompanied by broccoli slaw (raw from an Asian salad kit – I nixed the sesame style dressing and crunchy topping because both contained soy).
There may also have been several of these (Darrell Lea’s Blackcurrant licorice):
All in all a great day!  It’s time though to get off my sugar kick again tomorrow – I have a few things to accomplish though, including purchasing produce at the local market again.  I’m hoping the weather will be nice and not rainy as predicted.
Good night!
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