My confession:  I threw out the sauce to the Moroccan tagine.  😦  Believe me I know what this means.  I was raised by my Asian parents under the philosophy that wasting food was a sin.  They both grew up understanding what it was like to have very little, an experience that can never really be forgotten.

I realized though after day 2 of eating said tagine that I really didn’t like it – the vegetables were mushy from all the stewing and the sauce was a little too sweet and fragrant for my liking.  So I did what I could to salvage it – drained the chicken and carrots and sent the rest packing…. down the um, toilet.

Meal planning at this stage in the game is something I still really struggle with.  Living by myself can be a challenge – I don’t really feel inclined to cook every night, but recipes are often intended to serve groups of 4 to 6 people.  Inevitably I end up with a lot of food that lasts for pretty much the entire week.  Which can be problematic if a recipe bombs.

While halving the recipe may seem like a natural solution I always struggle with what to do with the rest of the can of beans or bunch of veggies.  It appears though that this is an opportunity to develop some more creativity when it comes to thinking of new ingredient combinations and dishes (basically using up whatever is in my fridge).  This will also be good news for this blog in the sense that you won’t see as many meal repeats.  woo hoo!  let us learn from the tagine incident.  (and FYI: half the batch is still sitting in my freezer!)

Workout-wise, today didn’t go too badly.  Marcia seems to have taken a bit of pity on me.

Marcia’s Condensed Workout

Seated leg press machine: 120lbs-130lbs (20-15-15)
Seated pec machine: 30lbs-40lbs (20-20-20)
Butt kick back machine: 30lbs (20-20-20)
seated rowing machine: close grip row 50lbs (20-15-15)
cable tricep press down:30LBS-40LBS (20-15-15)
bicep barbell curl: 30lbs (15-15-15)
100 basic crunches (feet against wall)
50 lower: tuck and tap (pull knees in tap toes)
Did this move without the bosu ball (got it from this website dedicated completely to ab exercises)
The strength portion probably took me around half an hour to forty minutes – pretty short!
I also added in some treadmill time by running 1 mile as fast as I could.  It took me about  8 min 10 secs – my fastest time ever!  I know that many other bloggers would smoke me in a race but it’s all about personal bests right?   🙂
Today’s eats:
Oatmeal with ground flax, blueberries and agave
Leftover vegetable orzo salad with feta cheese, asparagus, spinach and jerk chicken.
Snack:  1 Jonagold apple
Baby carrots and hummus
Dinner was more couscous, steamed green beans and the last of the first half of the tagine.  No picture.  I think you know why.  ugh.
Do you cook primarily for one?  How do you mix your meals up?
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