Turkish Lingerie

I’ll bet that part got your attention.  Although the BH and I recently decided to have a private ceremony for close family only, my friends still want to hold a bachelorette party for me.  One of them, who’s currently in Turkey teaching said that she’ll even gift me with some Turkish lingerie.  I don’t know if she’s serious, but my friends all thought it was a great idea judging by the email thread.   I guess I don’t really mind as long as said lingerie comes in my size!  (Good luck to them in trying to figure that part out :))

Apart from that email, my day went without a hitch.  Started off with 1 1/2 english muffins with sunbutter and a banana:

Lunch after a training session was more of the orzo salad/aloo gobi/jamaican jerk chicken mixture:

My sweet tooth was calling me so I had some Kashi Go Lean Crunch and blueberries:

Then some pumpkin seeds:

(not my picture)

Came home and prepared some couscous and green beans to go with my chicken tagine.  Couscous is so easy to make – literally just pour boiling water on top of couscous, let it sit for 5 minutes and it’s ready to go!  The green beans were steamed:

The tagine was pretty good – comforting with lots of different flavours (again, the recipe made a lot so I put 1/2 in the freezer for another time).   I found the recipe from the Food Network and eliminated the almond butter to make it Ediet safe.

A visit to the gym tomorrow morning is in the cards for me – there is also some talk of meeting my friend Lurissa after work tomorrow depending on scheduling (she works close to where I live anyways)  so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

Good night!

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