Sunday Recap

Sunday for me was pretty busy – I resisted the urge to sleep more in order to put the Moroccan chicken on the stove.  The recipe required me to simmer it for 2 hours but I didn’t want to wait too long because I was meeting the BH later that day.

Prior to cooking I had a bowl of instant oats with blueberries, ground flax and unsweetened applesauce:

Lunch a load of laundry and pot of chicken later was the vegetable orzo salad with jamaican jerk chicken and aloo gobi mixed in.  I’m usually not a fan of mixing, but I figured that it would be okay because there weren’t any overpowering flavours in either of the items.

Then it was time to go and see the BH!   After going to the computer store, it was time for some driving practice.  Unfortunately I don’t have a full license and living in the city hasn’t helped my driving skills.   Since my test is in just over a month we’ve been using the weekends to practice.  Luckily I have an excellent teacher, but I really need to work on my steering.  Who knew that I acquired so many bad habits over the years?

After driving around for a bit we headed over to his house for dinner.    I decided to take a picture of the army Lindt chocolate bunnies on the dining room table (apparently they were on sale for a great price).  Hey, if I could eat chocolate everyday I would buy as many as I could as well!

Prior to dinner,  appetizers at his house were being served.  There were some large beans:

(the BH said that these tasted like Thai tuna – haha)

And almonds:

The BH and I also had a large pack of tangy Mike & Ikes between the two of us.  I love these things!  Given my problems with candy I had to leave it in the BH’s custody for safekeeping though.

Then it was time for dinner:

In the mix: mushrooms, Chinese greens, roasted potatos, roast pork, corn and brown rice.

Dessert was the lemon sour cream coffee cake I had prepared.

And sour cherry cobbler made from tree picked cherries:

A yummy dinner.  Then it was back home for me (courtesy of the BH taxi :)).

I love eating at other people’s houses – the food always tastes better, you know?

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