For the Love of Salad

Approximately once every week First Canadian Place (a shopping and office complex close to where I work) holds free info sessions that feature experts such as book authors, magazine editors, and tv personalities in a variety of topics including cooking, health and fashion.  The sessions are always popular because participants can walk away with free samples, tastings, valuable advice and because admission is FREE.

I attended my first ever session today on salad!  Today’s session featured Jeanelle Mitchell, who wrote the book For the Love of Salad.  After years of being conditioned by my Asian parents to eat primarily cooked vegetables I’ve recently fallen in love with salad again thanks to my Ediet woes.

She taught us how to make a balsamic vinagrette as well as a creamy based dressing and had lots of helpful tips including:

  • To make a basic balsamic dressing combine balsamic vinegar, grainy dijon mustard, olive oil (mix in gradually to thicken the mixture), salt and pepper  (maple syrup can be added in to if you want it to be a little sweeter)
  • Other simple dressings can be prepared by combining lemon juice & balsamic vinegar  or orange juice, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup
  • One of the salads she enjoyed growing up consisted of iceberg lettuce, with whipped cream and green onions (!) A lighter version could incorporate sour cream, lemon juice, green onions and a more buttery lettuce like Boston lettuce.
  • In terms of preparing meats like steak and chicken she uses a grill pan which allows her to grill her food indoors ( I want a grill pan now – my George Foreman grill isn’t really cutting it)
  • Other add- ons like roasted nuts and homemade pita chips can be used to add further enhancement

I also got to sample some of the balsamic dressing (there was also a creamy dressing option that I passed on):

Following the info session I went back to my desk and had some stuffed peppers that I prepared last night:

The stuffed peppers were kind of “there” so I’ll have to tweak the recipe before posting it.  I also attempted to melt some of the rice vegan cheese from Galaxy on top of the peppers.  FAIL.  Instead of melting like real cheese it just turned into hard plastic, almost credit card like.  😦  I had to pick it off and throw it out.

Other eats:

Enjoy Life Perky's Rice Cereal

There may also have been some candy in between 😦  Maybe some caramels and sour ju jubes…

After some major procrastination I went to the gym and did the following program:

Seated Lat pull down: 5olbs/3×20
one arm dumbbell row: 15lbs/3×20
seated shoulder press machine: 30lbs/3×20
walking Lunges w/12lbs dumbbell (3 rounds across floor and back)
Seated chest press machine: 35lbs-40lbs/3×20
Laying down hamstring curl machine: 35lbs/3×20
walking side squats: (3 rounds across floor and back)
seated leg extension: 50lbs/3×10, 30lbs/3×10 (Had to drop the weight because it was too heavy)
1 min wall squats stabilizer.
Sit-ups: 100 crunches
50 lower abs tuck knees in, tap toes (holding on to something stable)
30 bicycle sit-ups (stabilizing core)
Came home and had the last of the tabbouleh and trout with dill:
And then some more candy.  Damnit!  Someone needs a sugar intervention.
Time to get ready for bed and pack my stuff for another gym visit – perhaps some early morning cardio will help?
How do you curb those insistent sugar cravings?

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