Garbage Day

Of all the chores taking out the garbage always seems the most drawn out to me.  I thought about this in depth while doing the garbage this evening and think these are the reasons why:

1.  I live in a triplex all to myself (bigger house = more rooms since each room is likely to have a garbage can the length of collection time from room to room multiplies).  The last step involves visiting each individual garbage can again so that each receptacle is outfitted with its own plastic bag.

2.  In my neighbourhood, the City of Toronto no longer collects garbage from the front yard.  Instead, you must put it in the laneway behind the house.  Being a somewhat paranoid sort, placing garbage in a dark alley doesn’t particularly thrill me.  It scares me – enough that on separate occasions I’ve had visitors such as the BH and my sister accompany me while I did the garbage.

3.  The malfunctioning basement door.  The door I take to place the garbage is also tough to open.  I don’t know what it is, but that lock is solid. It takes quite a bit of struggling and wrestling to first unbolt the deadbolt and then turn the door handle (which seems to prefer being locked over anything else).

But enough about that.  Don’t be like me in this regard – do take your garbage out regularly rather than delaying it to the next week.

This morning I woke up early and got to the gym around quarter after six.  Ran 3 miles on the treadmill in about 30 minutes at approximately 6 mph with 1% incline.

Then headed home to shower and get ready for work.  Breakfast was the last of the ShaSha toast and sunbutter.

The remaining meals:

Tabbouleh, raw baby spinach and 2 falafel patties

Had a large mug of this tea to ward off sugar cravings:

2 plums

Half a tortilla and half a slice of rice cheese later,  a yogurt coated bar and 1 muffin later I finally had dinner:

Yeah – remember that no sugar thing?  I think it’s safe to start to with no candy and go from there.  I somehow feel that cutting it out completely may not be realistic at this stage.

I also managed to get a little bit of shopping done at the Health Food store nearby.  Scored all this stuff for $12!

The loot: whole wheat pastry flour, ryvita sunflower seed crackers, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, vanilla rice milk, and cinnamon pita chips.  Lots of carbs!  I need to check out that sales bin more often 🙂

Time to chat with the BH  – good night!

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