Sushi Saturday

Saturday was actually quite a productive day.  The BH and I were able to check off quite a few wedding items including:

1. Finalizing our new contract with our venue

2.  Selecting wedding bands

I also managed to get in some driving practice in the BH’s new ride.  Behold the Nissan Cube!

I don’t have my full license and therefore need to take my test again so that I don’t lose it!

Then it was off to lunch for sushi.  Things have been looking good in the allergy department so I thought I’d give soy a try at Akina Sushi by Pacific Mall.

I don’t care what anyone says about cheap sushi – to me it’s still good.  And at $11.99 per person for all you can eat I’m not going to complain!  🙂

The eats:

Beef enoki rolls

Beef ramen

Chicken skewers

A nasty salad - too much french dressing (why do some of these places use French dressing again?!)

Pan fried dumplings

Salmon sushi

Spicy salmon and tuna maki

Unagi (eel) maki

GIANT yam tempura

We were stuffed by the end.  Stuffed meaning eating at 1:00 pm or so and then not eating again until 8:00 pm.

Dinner was relatively light:

Amy’s Pizza containing NO dairy or soy (severe allergy sufferers beware: while not made with said ingredients Amy’s doesn’t guarantee that it’s products haven’t come in contact with nuts, dairy or soy though)

I had mine with a large handful of carrot sticks on the side:

The pizza was really good!  Being a big fan of cheese pre Elimination diet, I was bummed when I was told to cut it out.   But it was good enough that both the BH and I went back for seconds.  I don’t know what they used as the base sauce but it mimicked the texture of tomato sauce and even had the gooeyness of cheese (minus the stretchy strands).   Another good choice for an on-the-go option!

All in all Saturday was a productive day – I’m a big fan of getting items off my to-do list checked off.  🙂  In high school my close friend used to make fun of me for obliterating items in my agenda by crossing the hell out of them (to the point where you couldn’t read what was there before).   I guess a simple line for me didn’t cut it – completely blacking out the task really made me feel like it was done 🙂

Do you cross your lists off with a vengeance like me?  Or are you able to take a more laid back approach?

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1 Response to Sushi Saturday

  1. BH says:


    >How many pieces of yam tempura do you want?

    (some time later)
    >Here you are.
    >OMG, I did not expect six “giant” yam tempuras…

    (nobody expects the giant yam tempura)

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