Sweet Dreams?

Last night I had the strangest dream.  I was in Dairy Queen and I happened to know the Manager there who gave me a free dessert to share with my friends and family.  Said dessert was basically soft serve vanilla ice cream served with rich chocolate brownies.  The dessert was even served in a giant muffin tin with 18-20 muffin compartments filled with vanilla soft serve and gooey brownies.  It was so vivid – I could actually TASTE the brownies!  It gets better – in my dream I knew I wasn’t supposed to be eating these things but I ate them anyways.  You know those moments in your dream when you are lucid (in other words you’re aware you’re dreaming?)  For some aspects I was lucid – ie. knowing I had food allergies but in other aspects I wasn’t.  I.e. ordering another dessert pizza for my friends and family and then being charged $100 by the restaurant because not all of the desserts were complimentary.  Please don’t say anything.  It really was a weird dream.  😦

And so my day began today.  Started my day off with more sunbutter and toast:

Finally remembered to snap a picture of the bread I used:

This bread is great – no soy or dairy additives.

Between breakfast and lunch I snacked on some more gingerbread cookies.

Lunch was a mix salad consisting of leftovers from dinner with my sister.  In the mix was raw baby spinach, tomatoes, Montreal smoked meat, 1 falafel, 2 pieces grilled chicken and some couscous and grilled veggies.  It was SO good – note to self: look for a falafel recipe for next week.

Snack was a Crispin apple

Following work I snacked on some of these:

And then one of Julie’s sorbet popsicles

You're not seeing things - it's totally bendng AWAY from me!

Opted out of the gym today because I want to squeeze in a 6:00 am workout tomorrow (which means I need to get up at 5:30 am or so).   I’m thinking dinner will probably be another salad and some grilled chicken so that I can get some more progress going on the baby spinach greens.

Do you dream vivid dreams still?  Or did that happen more when you were a kid?

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