Hot Tamales

I’m back!  Yesterday was a bit crazy (had to go and pick up some homeopaths from the Naturopath uptown) and then all the way back downtown to meet my sister.  It was great catching up with her!  She lives with my parents so I don’t see her as much as I used to, but she’s fun and definitely understands any of the inside jokes I throw at her (BH and I have inside jokes too but they’re different ie. not centered around our parents and the weird experiences we’ve had at family events for example).

Unfortunately no pictures from yesterday  😦  The BH lent me his camera which is much nicer than the old one I have.  BUT because I’m big on respecting people’s property I wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t be damaged on my trips to and from work.  The solution?  The bag that came with my now broken travel iron – it’s the perfect size and in navy blue it’s rather covert 🙂  The camera’s pretty sweet – it’s images are sharp enough to capture the bruises on my apple!

Here were the eats for today:  ShaSha whole wheat flax bread with sunflower seed butter

Close up of the Sunbutter (not guaranteed nut free, but since I’m not anaphalactic, I figured that these would be okay).

Before lunch I snacked on a couple of homemade gingerbread cookies:

Lunch was more homemade green curry with brown rice

Snack a couple of hours later was a Crispin apple – I think these are my new favourite!

Followed by  2 handfuls of Hot Tamales my boss brought in.  These were super addictive!

Headed home and went for a light run ( a little over 2.5 miles).  Didn’t want to do it, but remembered telling one of my coworkers that I was going to.  For me this is enough motivation – I fear the public shame of not following through on something as promised!  🙂  The run was actually not that bad though once I got into it – by no means am I a runner, but it really loosened the tension in my muscles and made me feel almost lighter afterwards.
Came home and fixed myself a salad with some pita chips:

In the mix: raw baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and the last of the tandoori chicken

Then I chatted with the BH about his day and more wedding planning stuff.  If there’s anything I learned during this process, it’s that wedding planning is so detailed and involved it’s almost like a part-time job (which explains how wedding planners are able to make a living).

Off to bed for me – Marcia’s newest program is on the roster for tomorrow.  Wish me luck 🙂

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