The Long Road to Loblaws

Today turned out to be a pretty eventful day – woke up in the morning and had two of these:

Then I was off to see Marcia for my weekly training session.  And she proceeded to kill me as she always does.  I don’t even remember what we did – all I can say was there was lots of these:

– Chest presses

– Shoulder presses

– Walking lunges

– Leg presses

– Wall sits (1 min, 3 x)

– Pushups on knees

– Back rows with 12lb dumbbell

– Back pulldowns

– And tons of situps – bicycle kicks, crunches with 10 lb plate, roman chair knee lifts, oblique situps and other situps that I don’t even know the names of.

– Then she put me on the treadmill and asked me to run at the highest possible incline (15% at around 4.0 mph).  Holy smokes!

Came home and did some work on the blog – I’ve changed the appearance (I’m liking the white background and larger text as opposed to the brown and green!).  This blog is definitely a work in progress, but these things should never be rushed 🙂

Lunch was tandoori chicken, brown rice and aloo gobi:

Somewhere in between blogging and dinner 1 had another pumpkin muffin and an apple.   I realized I had a lot of canned pumpkin left over so I thought I would attempt a batch of pumpkin molasses cookies, but they were way too sweet.  Coming from me, that’s saying a lot!

I'm not a fan of wasting food, but these were not good. 😦

The BH was downtown for a course and headed over to my place when it was over.  Dinner was the last of the turkey and ham as well as aloo gobi again!  I think this will be the end of my love affair with aloo gobi  for the week (it’s time to freeze it and save it for another time!).  🙂

After dinner we headed downtown to the records store to pick up some CDs for the BH.  I also wanted to go grocery shopping at Loblaws because my fridge was looking rather empty.

At the record store the BH found 2 CDS and after leaving the store we stopped in Chinatown for some green curry ingredients (I picked up some green chilies and what I hope were keffir leaves).  Then we made a trip for some bubble tea for the BH (original milk tea with bubbles).  It was lightly raining at this point but I wanted to forge on because I didn’t have anything for breakfast in the fridge!

Long story short:  taking the wrong subway exit can make the trip much more exhausting.  The exit we took wasn’t close to the main intersection so it took us some time to get our bearings (aka. walking in one direction and then turning back).  Then when we finally could see the store in the distance, and had started walking towards it, we were faced with some rather large fences and concrete barriers as well as a parking garage.  At this point I was ready to give up having walked for about half an hour, but luckily the BH saw a path that led onto the main street where we were finally able to get into Loblaws.

It was quite an adventure, but groceries were acquired and we made it back home in one piece (despite me being on the edge of a mini meltdown).  Perhaps I won’t make any suggestions to go grocery shopping around 9 or 10 pm in the evening when I’m tired and almost ready to go to bed.   The BH is truly a superstar for putting up with me AND helping me to carry my groceries.

Tomorrow’s plan is to try out a new recipe for green curry – hopefully it turns out!

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