Out With the Old…

Again with this jam packed couple of days there’s been a need for some changes in my life.

I met with the allergist yesterday who asked me to switch out the products I’ve been using.  Here’s what she told me to use instead:

For moisturizing my body and face

Instead of my usual body wash (which is Aveeno) – I’m to use this sparingly and I was advised to pat dry when coming out of the shower.

Apparently Cliniderm shampoo is good for having no fragrances.  The allergist suspected that my shampoo was irritating my face and causing my hair to irritate me and that I’ve become “sensitized” to my current shampoo.

And finally, the following laundry detergent was recommended:

And I was told to doublerinse everything.

Overall the allergist had a few points:

  • Apparently I need an epi pen for my shellfish allergies (supposedly slight swelling/itchiness of the lips is an indication of a life threatening allergy).   For example, what may be a minor reaction now could be much more serious in the future. Eek!  The BH assured me though that the epi pen should be viewed more as a cautionary step more than anything (ie. it’s there if you need it).
  • My “hives” may actually be due to product irritation from the products I’ve been using.  She doesn’t think it’s a food allergy or even stress related.  This is one point that I disagree with – I’ve lived with skin sensitivities for a while and personally I know that stress can contribute to the symptoms.  Despite what she says, I plan to manage my stress through exercise (whenever possible) while continuing to eliminate foods with dairy, egg, soy and nuts from my diet.
  • Nobody knows the cause of chronic itching, but doctors suspect that sufferers have a lessened layer of protection on the skin (which increases the possibility of irritation and can therefore lead to rashes).
  • There was also an emphasis on asthma and breathing.  If for example I were to have said life threatening allergy, they want to make sure that I am able to breath as properly as possible.  Hence the need for a breathing test.

This for me was A LOT of information.  Basically she wanted me to see if my skin cleared up with the use of the products above.  Then I need to return to determine next steps.

There was NO testing at all for food allergies – bummer and it ended up being quite a bit more than I anticipated :(.  While I don’t necessarily agree with her on all counts (ie. use of steroid and cortisone cream) I will follow other recommendations to see what happens.  I’m sure that recent stressors in my life are contributing though.

On to other things though out with the old also means letting go of resentment and not holding onto things.  A big thing for me and my type A personality!  My tendency to bottle things lately in my personal life has probably also contributed.  Recently I received a reminder that my health is the most important and keeping it in is hurting me.  (as said my trainer Marcia who is a self proclaimed “yeller”).  Yesterday though I did manage to say what was on my mind (with the BH’s help) and felt SO much better.  Definitely need to do that more!

Otherwise today was much more relaxing than yesterday.  Here are the eats:

Flax cereal from Enjoy Life Foods with blueberries.

Lunch unfortunately was unpictured.  Met up with my good friend Amanda again who graciously bought my lunch as a belated birthday celebration (I protested of course!).  We went to Pumpernickels and each got a medium mix and match salad.  It was glorious!  Had some salmon with lemon and mustard (I think) atop greens with beans and balsamic vinegar, rice and peas and some tabbouleh.  SO good – I wish I knew how to make really yummy salads – I even brought my camera but didn’t realize to take a picture until long after my salad was done.  I definitely had great company 🙂

Not too much later I snacked on a HUGE kamut molasses cookie from Naturally Yours.  So good – these taste like soft gingerbread.

Had a red delicious apple around 3:30 pm (again not pictured because I forgot until after I ate it :()

Then had this for dinner:

Then came home later and had some leftover dijon ham with some of the non-shrivelled and unslimy remains of the greens I had in my fridge with tomato.

Clearly my life has lots of changes ahead but it’s clear that I need to get better at rolling with the punches.  But we all have something to work on right?

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