Change of Plans

Saturday was a bit of a crazy day for me.  I started my day off with a whole wheat pancake with 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries.  Instead of using egg, I substituted 1 tablespoon of ground flax and 3 tbsp water (a great tip that I got from VeggieGirl.  The pancake tasted a little raw… but maybe I turned the heat on too high resulting in near burning on the outside of the pancake while the inside still needed to cook?

Either way I had to eat something, and given the state of my almost empty fridge there wasn’t very many options.  I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t pass out on my trainer Marcia.  After coming out of school and finding a full-time job I’ve finally buckled down and paid for a personal trainer.  The frugal part of me always hesitated, but I was finding it difficult to motivate myself workout wise and was no longer seeing results.  Marcia is fantastic!  She always switches up the workouts when I meet up with her so I don’t know what’s coming next.  As you know this week has been a little challenging for me in terms of working out with my mind on other things.  I told her how much I was struggling with stress from the wedding and the sudden onset of food allergies.

Her theory?  That my food allergies are related strictly to the wedding.  Granted, I KNOW I’m definitely allergic to chocolate (I get hives whenever I eat it).  But the sudden onset of hives with dairy, soy and nuts?  Suspicious (and somewhat scary).  Speaking from experience particularly stressful periods in my life have caused my skin to go haywire (and the wedding planning is no exception).  But I was never got hives until recently.  Apparently her son is allergic to dairy and nuts (which he’s suffered from ever since he was a baby).  Her feeling was that it’s highly unlikely that I would suddenly become allergic to foods that were never a problem for me.    I hope she’s right, but something still needs to be done to manage the stress.  Her suggestion (which she phrased as just her own suggestion – love it when people do that :)) was that I change some aspect of my wedding planning before I have a breakdown.  Background story: wedding planning for a guest list of 120 people was NOT either my BH or my idea, but as you know plans often change. Anyways, we ended the session by talking about what I should do to manage the stress (game plan to follow in another post):

Marcia then proceeded to kill me.  Here’s what I remember doing:

3 circuits

Chest presses with dumbbells 20x  (10 lb dumbbells)

Bent over, two handed back rows on cable machine 15 X  (70 1bs first set, 80 lbs second and third set)

Bicep curls 15 x (12 lb dumbbells)

Deadlifts 15x  (50 lb bar – too hard, so dropped to 40 lb bar)

Jump rope ( 1 min)

15 pushups (on knees)

Punching bag on scale (1 punch, 2 punches alternating arms, 3 punches alternating arms all the way up to  10 and then back down to 1)

Tricep overhead presses (12lbs) – 20x

Squat and kick the bag (20 x- both legs)

Situps bringing 8 lb dumbbell over knees (20X – don’t know lost count)

2 circuits of the following:

Chasing Marcia around while she held the bag up – if she said 2 – I’d punch twice, 3 – punch 3 times.  This one was brutal!  (Only did 2 circuits of this because a class was going to begin)

1 circuit

Lying curls on leg machine (30 lbs)  x 30

Leg press machine (110 lbs) x 30

I was pretty much finished after an hour – Marcia then wrote up a program for me (with more cardio to manage the stress) and sent me on my way.

Came home, showered and took the subway to meet the BH.   First we stopped at lunch at one of our favourite viet/thai places:

I ordered the grilled chicken vermicelli which included vermicelli noodles, lettuce, cucumber and carrots.  The BH ordered pretty much the same thing (but with satay chicken instead – physically the dishes looked the same as well, so I didn’t bother taking a photo :)).

I dominated mine:

My bowl at the end.

Then it was off to the mall for some shopping – after a few hours I ended up with this coat from Tommy Hilfiger.  Success!  🙂  Not black and still flattering – I got teased by the BH for my emphasis on fashion over function.  I protested that it was a work coat, so it HAD to look professional.  In my day to day life I’m a jeans and tshirt, outdoor outfitters type of girl, but I’m now in a position where I need a coat for work and somehow outdoorsy hiking clothes probably doesn’t cut it anymore.

Went grocery shopping afterwards and picked up a few groceries to awaken my empty fridge.

We got back to the BH’s house and his Mom was preparing Easter dinner.  The spread:

And my plate:

I also had another small plate later with a couple pieces of turkey, more beans and sweet potato.  After dinner hung out with the BH and talked our new wedding game plan.  More details to follow shortly!  So far the plan for Sunday is dinner at my parents’ house.

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