Almost Empty Fridge

Not surprisingly I woke up today at around 12:00 pm (after finally getting to sleep at 4:00 am).  Thankfully it’s a statutory holiday here so I didn’t have to work!

My good friend Amanda from university called me at around 12:30 pm to check in.  We had talked about meeting up sometime this weekend,  but she’s feeling a bit under the weather and we eventually agreed to meet for lunch next week on Tuesday.  It was great to hear from her!

Speaking of friends I finally opened my mail from about 2 days ago.  In it I found this:

How cute!  The message inside was also very sweet:

Thanks Karine!  Incidentally, she as well as Amanda were my roomates in second year university.

I finally got up at 12:30 pm and had a juicy bartlett pear and my last blueberry spelt muffin.  Then I lazed around some more and checked out some other links on blog land (which I’ve added to my Blog Roll).  My blog is definitely in the “work in progress” stage, but at this point I want to collect as many resources and links as possible.  Other blogs are definitely a great place to get some meal ideas.

Lunch at 4:00 pm was mixed salad greens with some leftover chicken pesto pasta.  Then I did a load of laundry and cleaned the dirty dishes that were piling in my sink.  I couldn’t believe the amount of time I had on my hands today :).

I also started seriously reading this:

My mentor Karen lent me the book after our recent session involving communication skills.  The book takes the perspective that while reading the book can’t make everything perfect, it can at least help to remove some of the anxiety associated with having difficult conversations.  I really liked the book’s easy to follow style – you can say I’ve been having my revelations about the way people communicate and how it often leads to conflicts 🙂

Finally buckled down and did about 20-25 minutes of power yoga.  Lots of downward dogs, twists, plank poses (I think these are called chattarangas?).  Had to stop at 25 min though because I was starting to feel lightheaded :(.  I suspect that my breathing has been relatively shallow these days and the sudden introduction of deep breathing probably contributed to that woozy feeling I was getting.  Not all was lost though – I definitely feel much more relaxed now!  Prior to do this I snacked on a large bowl of blueberries.

I showered and had dinner at 8:15 pm was more salad greens topped with 1/3 of a chicken breast and 2/3 of a tomato.  I also had a toasted whole wheat tortilla on the side with hummus.   I have so many salad greens left!  Mental note: buy the smaller package next time to prevent wastage.  At this point though there’s very little left for me to eat in my fridge.  Everything now is pretty much odds and ends (all my fruit is gone but other than that there’s some baby carrots and a few cooked chicken breasts that I think I’ll freeze for later).   I’ll definitely need to restock the fridge this weekend.

Tomorrow’s plan is a trip out to the mall to find myself that spring coat.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll find something.  Apologies for the lack of food photos today – was feeling kind of lethargic and thought that you would all get the picture considering I’ve already eaten everything a few times this week :).  We will be having Easter dinner at the BH’s house so I’ll be sure to provide some more food pics tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Almost Empty Fridge

  1. The "BH" says:

    I’m glad that you are still taking lots of pictures.

    I’m guessing that the pictures were taken without flash under incandescent lighting (regular bulbs). In this case, the camera was not smart enough to detect the lighting conditions and the pictures turned out more yellow than in real life (incandescent lights give off “yellowish light”, fluorescent lights give off “blueish light”, etc…). If your camera does not have a “white balance” setting (to tell the camera to adjust for the type/colour of light being used), then that is another good reason to start looking out for a better camera. I will keep an eye out for an affordable upgrade to your current camera for you.

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