Morning Madness

I think I got a little worked up after a long day and  couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d get in a blog post at 2:00 am.  I’m So not a nightowl as the BH can attest to, so it’s kind of weird to be up so late!

Got up this morning at 6:15 am and did about 45 minutes of this:

Billy Blanks’ Ultimate Bootcamp (photo courtesy of the Amazon website)!  The video has a section involving resistance bands but I used 5 lb dumbbells instead because I wanted to get in more of a strength workout.   This DVD is pretty hard (lots of pushups and squats which in addition to running are a bit of a personal hell for me), and I felt like I had to take a lot of breaks.  It was weird, at times though it felt like I was taking a break out of boredom/laziness rather than fatigue.  I think I’ve done this video too many times.  Maybe it’s time for a switchup?

The above brings me to my next topic: motivation.  Somehow this week has felt like a bit of an off-week for me.  A lot has been going on in my both my personal (Ediet and other allergy concerns) and professional life this week which has made it difficult to focus.  One of the women in my department moonlights as a personal trainer (apparently if she won the lottery she would open her own gym!).  So just before our learning session this morning on my company’s audit department I asked her for some tips.   Here were her suggestions:

  1. Consider overhauling your program – doing the same thing over and over again can get boring, so talk to your trainer about switching up your program.  If you don’t have a trainer, try mixing and matching both old and new exercises into your program.
  2. Use visualization – apparently she HATES running as well.  She told me that she visualizes muscles, or even herself running to a giant bowl of ice cream to help motivate herself.  Picturing your end goal also really helps.
  3. Reminding yourself of why you’re working out.  In my case, I’m getting married and I need some way to manage all of this stress!  Her suggestion was to tell yourself how much time you have and to remind yourself that each workout makes a difference towards helping you achieve your goals.
  4. Being specific about your goals – ie. how many inches do you want to lose off your waist, or how many pounds do you want to lose?  Although this may not be so relevant for me because I’m at a healthy weight – I can definitely appreciate that the importance of the measurable aspect.
  5. Focussing on the results you’ve achieved.  She asked me if I noticed any results and the answer is yes!  During my second dress fitting I noticed that I suddenly have back muscles.  Crazy!  I’ve never had those.  In general I’ve also noticed I have more stamina when doing cardio.  Reminding yourself of how far you’ve come also helps to validate all the hard work you’ve put in so far.

Very helpful tips!  I general too it helps to talk to other people for advice and hear about what they do when they’re experiencing similar challenges.   There are also a few other tips that I’d add for myself:

  • Go the gym!  Home workouts make it easier for me to “cheat” and take breaks.  At the gym I’m more likely to go in and do what I need to do before relaxing and taking a break.  When you’ve left your house you somehow feel more accountable.  (In school I was like this when it came to studying as well)
  • Incorporate more yoga/pilates/meditation – I think I’ve been lacking the general mind/body connection lately.  The challenge for me is buckling down to do something after work because I usually tell myself that I’m too tired or strapped for time.   But being able to get a more restful sleep and better sanity is worth it so I really need to buckle down and do this more!  I like how yoga makes me feel after the fact – more calm, centered and lighter.

I need to do this more!


Foodwise my day was similar to yesterday (although it did get a little wonky at the end as you’ll see below).  Beware, lots of recycled photos.

Quinoa flakes which I finally finished today.  Goodbye quinoa flakes – I hope I can find a tasty alternative!

Chicken BLT wraps for lunch.  Here’s where things get a little wonky:

A kamut molasses cookie from Naturally Yours.

And a box of these:

Super Sour Gummi Bears (I was impressed with the ones I ate yesterday so I had to try these).  Verdict, although slightly more sour their alleged sourness didn’t knock my socks off.  I think I’ll stick to the other kind for now because they’re cheaper 🙂  Clearly I used flash on this one but hey – it’s 3:00 am 🙂

That was all at 1:30 pm.  Then I didn’t eat again until 8:30 pm.  Yeah – not smart.  I was starving and ended up having an unpictured hot dog on the way home (mild polish sausage with ketchup, mustard and relish).  So good!  I don’t eat too many of these, but yeah, could’ve made some better food choices on that one.

In my defense though I was determined to find myself a new spring coat (current coat is a little too warm and is falling apart).  Unfortunately my mall trek was not a success and I was pretty tired and despondent (I’d also been lugging around my heavy shoulder bag with all of my lunch containers which wasn’t great planning on my part either).  However, the BH kindly offered to help – isn’t he great?  So we’ll probably give trench coat shopping another go on Saturday (minus the heavy bag and coat!).

It’s time that I attempted sleep again – tomorrow is a new day (and Good Friday so no work :)).

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