The Smell of Skunk

Not to worry, the title isn’t the focal point of this post, but the smell of skunk did accompany me to the gym today.  While not pleasant, the smell isn’t extremely vile to me.  It does make me think of a time back in university when a friend of mine experienced tenant issues of a sort when a family of skunks somehow got under his home and took residence there.  Apparently it caused the entire house (and all his housemates possessions to smell like skunk).  Poor guy :(.  And no, I didn’t learn this because he reeked of skunk but I remembered seeing him before class dropping his winter coat at the front of the room, which made me ask what the deal was.

Anyways, my alarm went off at 5:30 am but didn’t actually climb out of bed until around 6:15 am.  I felt exhausted!  But wanted to own up to my commitment of doing some cardio for today (it’s already been about 2 weeks so I didn’t really have an excuse).  When I got there, I decided to introduce some inclines into my life.

Mile 1:  6.0 mph @ 1.5% incline

Mile 2: 6.0 mph @ 1.0% incline

Holy cow!  It was hard!  I was definitely struggling -a definite sign that I need to run on more uneven surfaces at the gym.  Besides, running outside is almost never flat, so this will be good conditioning for me when I take more of my workouts outdoors.  I would’ve liked to have done 1/2 an hour today but by 20 minutes I was dying (AND I needed to get to work so I called it quits for the day).

Got into work and had this for breakfast:

Quinoa flakes with 1/2 cup blueberries, 1-2 tbsp ground flax and 2 squirts agave.  Used these to make them:

Quinoa flakes are kind of blah… remind me a bit of soggy shredded wheat.  I miss oats, but since I paid around $7 for this box I’m eating everything! The frugal part of me doesn’t enjoy wasting food (I’ll just have to see what alternatives there are when this box runs out – hopefully sometime this week!)

Later had lunch about 3 hours later:

Had two whole wheat tortillas with grilled chicken, bacon, baby spinach and tomato.  Snack about 3 hours later was an apple (not pictured) and because I was still hungry baked tortilla pieces (to make chips) and homemade hummus (also not pictured because I was hungry and had to help set up my boss’ computer).

On my way home I stopped by at Noah’s and was tempted by the organic candy with relatively natural ingredients.  Bought some licorice and gummy bears (which are my all-time favourite).

Gummy bear box

Individual packages of gummy bears (since they’re so tiny I had all 4 of them.  whoops)

Finally I had dinner (wasn’t really feeling like a cold salad so I used the pesto and grilled chicken I made on Sunday night and added them to some brown rice pasta as an accompaniment to my salad greens).  Got this recipe from the blog Diet, Dessert and Dogs for pumpkin seed pesto.  Recently stumbled upon this site – Ricki is such a pro with inventing recipes.  If only my food looked as good as hers!

Verdict – not too bad, a little bland, but an important experiment nonetheless.  Should go now and prep for tomorrow.  It’s almost the Easter long weekend – yay!  But I’ve mentally committed myself to doing another round of the strength workout I did on Tuesday before I meet up with my trainer on Saturday.  Wish me luck!

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