Magic Oven

On Sunday the BH came downtown to pick up his suit for the wedding from Tom’s Place in Kensington Market.  As much as we were amused by our Tom’s experience during our previous visit (being personally greeted by Tom and witnessing a price slashing production) we also left that day with a major “what’s going on?!!” in our heads.  Firstly, Tom has the final say in the price you pay BUT we feel like he has to be there in order for you to save money.   So what happens if you want to negotiate and he’s not there? They probably have a contingency plan but we didn’t witness it (somehow I think if the BH wants to buy another suit we’ll need to figure out some way of verifying whether or not Tom is in ahead of time).

Anyways, we came home dropped off the suit and worked on some wedding invitations.  The BH very kindly agreed to start on our guest list while I prepped some of my meals for the rest of the week.  (Pictures to follow in a few days – not to worry, as a big fan of leftovers,  a couple of meals tends to last me for the entire week).

For dinner we went to the Magic Oven.  I was very curious because it was one of those organic restaurants who caters to people with food allergies while also offering dishes with meat.  Call me a carnivore, but I don’t know what I’d do without being able to eat meat.  While I respect the food choices of others I love meat and would be so hungry all the time without it!  😦

The restaurant was actually pretty easy to find:

Not a great picture, but I’ll admit to taking this after we left when it had already gotten dark.


My BH and the lime green (or yellow?) walls.

I ordered the BBQ chicken pizza with no cheese on white flour crust.  It was actually pretty good!  I initially wanted to try the rice cheese on my pizza but they didn’t have any there that day :(.  But I was very pleasantly surprised with how tasty my pizza was!

The BH got a avocado & chicken with cumin lime sandwich – he said it was good.   It was Sunday, so the soup and sandwich combo was on special for $10.

Overall, great experience!  The server was diligent in checking to see if there was any soy or dairy in the BBQ sauce for me.  AND the food was good (maybe they’ll have rice cheese available the next time so that I can try it on my pizza).  I’d go back there again 🙂

Time to catch up on my posts for the rest of the week – playing catch up is never fun so I need to get cracking to get back on track!

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1 Response to Magic Oven

  1. The "BH" says:

    That sandwich was soooo good. The chickpea soup that came with it was ok… but for $10 for both items including one package of Melba toast and a napkin I’m happy. The bubble tea afterwards was also fantastic and affordable. Good times.

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