When the going gets tough…

As you can probably tell this post is about personal growth.  Went out for dinner on Thursday night and woke up on Friday morning hiving it out.  Ugh.  My colleagues even noticed my sorry state 😦   At the time the apple tart seemed like a good idea (another example of how important it is to regulate yourself carefully).

Approximately 2 Benadryl and 1 reactine later I was feeling more concerned – would this be permanent?  Never before has my body reacted so violently to something I’ve eaten. On Friday night though my BH (aka my better half) gave me a pep talk.  When things go badly you don’t take it as a cue to avoid the rest of world and stay at home.  He’s right obviously 🙂   All you can do is move on and remember that tomorrow is a new day.  Ultimately, life is a journey and I know that these new challenges in my life will involve a certain degree of trial and error.  I’m very lucky that he’s so supportive!

Anyways, this Saturday started as a new day.  I woke up and made myself a whole wheat pancake (see my first pic below!).

Then I sat down to complete my taxes – fun!!  Lunchtime is soon though so I need to figure out what I’ll have.  I’ll let you know what I come up with!

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