Need some snack ideas

As you can probably tell by the post today didn’t go too badly.  But I’m in need of some filling snacks!

I skipped the gym this morning to make some whole wheat pancakes.  My favourite Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain mix had quite a few no nos in the ingredient list – including buttermilk and soy.  😦   However, I decided to try something new by experimenting with what I had.  Here’s what I came up with:

EDiet Whole Wheat Pancakes

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon maple sugar flakes

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 scoop protein powder (optional, I used vanilla flavoured hemp with no additives to make my breakfast more filling)

1/4 teaspon salt

Approximately 3.5 tbsp eggwhites

1 cup water (substitute milk if you don’t have any dairy issues)

2 tablespoons oil

cooking spray

Oil a frying pan.  Mix all dry ingredients together.  In another bowl, beat the eggs and add water and oil.  Mix ingredients together until wet (don’t overmix).

Pour by 1/3 cupfuls into the frying heated at medium temperature and cook.  Mixture should bubble and edges should look slightly dry before flipping.  Repeat as necessary.

Verdict:  pretty good!  I will definitely make them again – I had mine with 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and 1 tbsp maple syrup.   Sorry no pictures 😦  (need to dig up my camera from the somewhere in the closet).  I’m attending a special dinner as my aunt’s gift to celebrate my birthday this Saturday though and I vow to have some pictures by the end of this weekend.

As for snack time that was a bit of a challenge today – normally I mix my fruits and veggies with a bit of protein like nuts or a piece of cheese to tide me over.   Since I can’t have nuts or cheese anymore and went without… not great results on this one.  I think my carrots literally evaporated in my stomach and I was hungry again in 15 minutes.  Boo!  I would normally try a hummus but these things have lemon juice/citrus in them which I’m not supposed to have.   Although Galina (my naturopath) said a few months ago that it’s not a big deal as long as it’s not 100% (I guess I should have clarified that a few months ago).   I did however get a great idea from one of the Directors who saw my “healthy” lunch (aka an Ediet lunch) of shredded veggies, baby spinach and chicken.  I didn’t have the heart to pretend that I enjoy (and regularly eat this strictly) so I told her about my recent adventures in Ediet land.  She came up with a great suggestion and asked if I could eat seeds.  How could I forget?  For now I will add them in and see what Galina says (hopefully she doesn’t axe another food category).

Other than that meals weren’t too bad – I was hungry after each of my snacks though and ended up going to Naturally Yours (health food place in my building) to find something healthy late in the afternoon.  I ended up with a kamut cookie with molasses (tasty and a soft cookie!).  I gotta learn how to make some healthy cookies/treats sans chocolate of course.

Time to run off – learning the ins and outs of cameras from my fiance 🙂

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1 Response to Need some snack ideas

  1. Mantracker says:

    Some other snack options might be:

    Homemade popped corn (use a popping machine). Can dress it up with some salt, or maybe dulce de leche / caramel (have to check if these are soy free)

    Stacy’s Pita Chips and Stacy’s Bagel Chips come in a variety of flavours that are all soy free and I’ve seen at least one variety at Cosco. Their website has pictures and lists the ingredients (under nutritional information) of their products:

    Also, these two varieties of Quaker rice cakes that do not contain any soy (most varieties do), and they are made with brown rice instead of white rice.

    Quaker Rice Cakes – Lightly Salted
    Ingredients: Whole Grain Brown Rice, Salt

    Or the super boring:
    Quaker Rice Cakes – Salt Free
    Ingredients: Whole Grain Brown Rice

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